Solar Energy Business Association of New England

Our Mission

SEBANE's mission is to protect and promote the New England solar industry through informed policy intervention, coalition building, and stakeholder education.


  • Representing the solar industry before state regulators and policymakers.
  • Advancing progressive energy policy across the New England region in collaboration with other solar stakeholder groups.
  • Hosting educational seminars, thought leadership, and networking forums designed to bring SEBANE members and other solar stakeholder together to exchange knowledge, ideas, and business opportunities.
  • Providing opportunities for member companies to play a key leadership role in advancing the solar industry through board or committee service.


  • Open to all companies actively engaged in the business of solar energy in New England.
  • Comprised of residential and commercial developers, installers, consultants, EPCs, manufacturers, distributors, and other service providers, including legal and financial professionals.
  • Annually renewable with a dues structure based on company size.


  • Are dedicated to expanding and improving the adoption of solar energy technology in New England.
  • Conduct their businesses in compliance with jurisdictional, state, and federal laws and regulatory requirements.
  • Provide customers with an accurate assessment of the benefits and costs, and the operational requirements of solar energy technology.
  • Offer clear, written warranties and perform services in a professional manner.
  • Respect and protection the intellectual property of others and the privacy of customers.

Our Team


  • President Mark Sylvia (BlueWave Solar)
  • Vice President Daniel Mello Guimaraes (Boston Solar)
  • Vice President Nick d'Arbeloff (SunBug Solar)
  • Treasurer Omar Blayton (Sunwealth)
  • Board Member Kathryn Cox-Arslan (New Leaf Energy, Inc.)
  • Board Member Kathy Doyle (FireFlower Alternative Energy)
  • Board Member Eric Krathwohl (Rich May Attorneys-at-Law)
  • Board Member Constantino Nicolaou (PanelClaw)


  • Nick d'Arbeloff, Co-Chair (SunBug Solar)
  • Kathryn Cox-Arslan, Co-Chair (New Leaf Energy, Inc.)
  • Russ Aney (Avid Solar)
  • Jon Abe (Sunwealth)
  • Ben Bramhall (Solaria)
  • Claire Chang (Greenfield Solar)
  • Jon Child (PV Squared Solar)
  • Kate Daniel (Catalyze)
  • Mark Durrenberger (New England Clean Energy)
  • Chelsea Farrell (Trinity Solar)
  • Courtney Feeley Karp (Klavens Law Group)
  • Kelly Friend (Nexamp)
  • Andrew Hickok (Solect)
  • Alex Keally (Solect)
  • Eric Krathwohl (Rich May Attorneys-at-Law)
  • David Lyons (Rich May Attorneys-at-Law)
  • Katie Moffitt (Sunwealth)
  • Costa Nicolaou (PanelClaw)
  • Doug Pope (Pope Energy)
  • Kevin Price (Key Solar)
  • Kavita Ravi (BlueWave Solar)
  • Jessica Robertson (New Leaf Energy, Inc.)
  • Celia Rosenberg (Solect)
  • Stefan Rosselini (Boston Solar)
  • Brian Sadler (RevoluSun)
  • James Schwartz (Independence Solar)
  • Brandon Smith (RevoluSun)
  • Mark Sylvia (BlueWave Solar)
  • Dan Valianti (RevoluSun)
  • John Ward (Greenfield Solar)
  • Haskell Werlin (Solar Design)
  • Lou Yarid (RevoluSun)
  • Kathy Doyle, Chair (FireFlower Alternative Energy)
  • Ben Bramhall (Solaria)
  • Daniel Mello Guimaraes (Boston Solar)
  • David Lyons (Rich May Attorneys-at-Law)
  • Constantino Nicolaou (PanelClaw)
  • Quincy Vale (MassAmerican Energy LLC)


  • David Ehrlich, Executive Director (
  • Olivia Liera, Operations Intern (

Solar Energy Business Association of New England, 4 Lan Drive, Suite 100, Westford, MA 01886

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