Massachusetts DOER Publishes Final SMART Program Guidelines And Informational Materials

APRIL 26, 2018

April 26, 2018

Dear Solar Stakeholder,

Following its review of public comments on the draft Guidelines it released in late January, the Department of Energy Resources has posted the final versions of the following SMART Program Guidelines:

·       Definition of Agricultural Solar Tariff Generation Units Guideline

·       Definition of Brownfield Guideline

·       Land Use and Siting Guideline

·       Low Income Generation Units Guideline

·       Statement of Qualification Reservation Period Guideline

Additionally, DOER has posted an updated PowerPoint presentation that covers details related to program design and implementation and reflects changes and updates made since the January 31, 2017 stakeholder presentation that was previously available on the website.

Lastly, DOER has created a value of energy and incentive calculator for Behind-the-meter Solar Tariff Generation Units. This calculator is intended to be a practical tool to calculate the Value of Energy and fixed incentive compensation rate for behind-the-meter systems. The calculation is based on project type, size, distribution company service territory, customer rate class, and capacity block. This workbook does not necessarily reflect the final tariff value a system will be qualified for, but is meant to be a tool to understand and estimate the value that a particular customer may receive under different scenarios.

All of these documents can be found on DOER’s website.

DOER continues to evaluate written comments received on the draft Energy Storage Adder Guideline and the drafts of its Customer Disclosure Forms, which have also been released for public comment. DOER hopes to finalize its review of these documents and post final versions soon.

If you have any questions regarding these documents, please direct them to


Michael Judge

Director, Renewable and Alternative Energy Division

Department of Energy Resources

Joan Wilson