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SEBANE represents leading solar companies across the United States and internationally who are committed to growing a sustainable solar energy economy in New England.


— A

Absolute Green Energy                 Acadia Micro | Ampion
Acuity Power
Advanced Solar Products
Also Energy                                        Avid Solar

— B —                                             Baywa-r.e.                                    BlueWave Solar                             BlueSel Home Solar Inc.               Borrego Solar                                 Boston Community Capital           Boston Solar                           Brightfields Development               Byson Electronics                 

— C

Cadmus Group
Cedar Energy Investors
CED Greentech                              Center for Sustainable Energy         Civic Solar
Clean Asset Partners
Cotuit Solar                                      C-TEC Solar

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— E

E2 Solar
Ecogen Services                             Encap Development

— F

Falmouth Energy
First Sun Solar
FirstMark Advantage LLC

— G —

Gridwerks PV Consulting                    Got Sun Go Solar
— H

Heartwood Group

— I

Independence Solar                            INO Electrical                                        IRC Solar Roof Systems


— K —

Knollwood Energy

— L —                                                                  Locus Energy                                                  Lodestar Solar
— M

M&W Group
Mass Renewables                                             Mosaic                                                                          

— N

Neovirtus Engineering
New England Clean Energy
No Fossil Fuel

— O

Old Salt Works Partners

— P

PanelClaw                                                              Pika Energy
PowerOwners                                                           PV Squared

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— R

Radian Generation                                              Rayah Solar                                                              RBI Solar
ReVision Energy                                            Revolusun
Rich May Law
Rural Aggregators of New England                        

— S

Sol Systems
SolarFlair Energy                                                         Solar-log
Solar Data Systems                                              
Solect                                                                     Solar Wave  
South Mountain Company
Sunbug Solar

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Vortics Imaging

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— Z

Zapotec Energy