Mosaic Launches New Point of Sale App

OAKLAND, Calif., Oct. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Making the modern home possible by providing financing to homeowners for home improvement projects, Mosaic announced today the launch of its new point of sale app that allows professional home improvement contractors to provide a clean, simple financing experience to homeowners. Contractors can originate and complete a homeowner's loan application on any device in just a few minutes. The application experience is completely customizable and allows homeowners to understand their financing options, terms and estimated monthly payments all in one place.

Mosaic's app empowers home improvement contractors to grow their business by differentiating their offerings from the competition and upselling services. By making the financing worry-free for everyone, contractors can focus on providing great service and building their business.

"Today's announcement represents the beginning of the next chapter in empowering homeowners to finance the modern home of their dreams," said Billy Parish, founder and CEO, of Mosaic. "With the launch of our new app, Mosaic gives  our pro contractor partners the ability to provide simple, easy-to-understand financing to their customers for home improvement projects."

"Mosaic's point of sale app is a gamechanger for contractors because it makes the financial part of any home improvement project simple and seamless," said Matthew Bratsis, General Manager for Business Development of Manufacturer Partners at EGIA. "This technology makes the experience for both pro contractors and homeowners so much easier and establishes Mosaic as the leader in the industry."

Joan Wilson