SEBANE Newsletter | November 2015

JANUARY 5, 2016

Statement from SEBANE on H. 3854

Yesterday, SEBANE released a statement highlighting our concerns over the content and potential effects of solar energy legislation recently passed by the House (H. 3854).

The previous statements SEBANE has issued with respect to solar legislation can be seenhere and here.  As the legislative debate moves forward, SEBANE will continue to lend its voice to you, our members, and to the solar industry more broadly.

Read the Statement

Renewing your membership with SEBANE

As we look to 2016, SEBANE is eager to redouble its efforts to serve you and your business. To do so, we need your continued membership and support.  

To that end, in the coming days, we will be in contact with you to hear how your business is doing, understand where you would like us to focus our energy in the coming year, and invite you to renew your membership with us.  

We look forward to visiting with you and wish you happy holidays.

Joan Wilson