SEBANE Newsletter | September 2015

OCTOBER 10, 2015

SEBANE Convenes Forum on the Future of Solar Design

Earlier this week, SEBANE convened a discussion on the future of solar design.  The event featured two speakers from two leading firms in the space: Stephen Condon, Director of Sales for Solar Data Systems, and Bob Anderson, Director of North American Sales at Tigo Energy.  

The speakers provided guidance and strategy to enable those in the industry to abide by new code requirements and meet project performance targets.

SEBANE Makes Its Voice Heard on Beacon Hill

In the context of the ongoing legislative debate unfolding at the statehouse, SEBANE Board Chairman Bill Stillinger delivered testimony to state lawmakers urging strong policy support for the solar industry.  Stillinger and SEBANE urged lawmakers to take immediate action to lift net metering caps and, in addition, called for a study on the value of solar, an adequate compensation structure for virtual net metering projects, and an thoughtful approach to ratepayers' use of the grid. 

Joan Wilson