RBI Solar, Inc Acquires SolarBOS, Inc

Congratulations to SEBANE member RBI Solar Inc on their recent acquisition of SolarBOS, a California-based market leading provider of PV electrical balance of systems.

SolarBOS is an expert in solar electric systems, DC and AC applications, and experienced in design and flexible manufacturing. This includes, crafting Disconnect Combiners and Recombiners, Arc Fault Circuit Interruption (AFCI) Combiners, Rapid Shutdown solutions, AC Combiners, Wire Harnesses, and Overmolds. All of these innovations have become essential within the solar industry. Together, SolarBOS and RBI Solar will become a singular company highly skilled in electrical design and installation, as well as solar mounting. We are delighted that two innovative powerhouses have joined forces for the benefit of the solar industry at large.

More information about the acquisition can be found here.


Joan Wilson