Our mission is to help your company by promoting the use of solar energy and the development of solar power in New England.

Our activities include:

  • representing the solar industry before state regulators and policymakers
  • advancing progressive energy policy across the New England region
  • conducting member gatherings, featuring informative guest speakers and networking opportunities for solar industry officials
  • hosting a platform to allow SEBANE members to exchange knowledge and business opportunities with one another

OUR membership is: 

  • open to all companies actively engaged in the business of solar energy in New England
  • open both to companies based in the region and to companies based elsewhere that do business here.


  • Members are dedicated to expanding and improving the adaptation of solar energy technology in New England.
  • Members conduct their businesses in compliance with jurisdictional, state, and federal laws and regulatory requirements.
  • Members represent solar technology offers with an accurate assessment of environmental and economic aspects, and operational requirements.
  • Members offer clear, written warranties and perform services in a professional manner.
  • Members respect and protect the intellectual property of others.
  • Members respect and protect the privacy of customers.