Powered By: SEBANE's Solar Champion Senator Bruce Tarr

In the realm of solar, progress often takes the form of legislation. As Massachusetts becomes increasingly solar-friendly, with storage capacity increasing, net-metering caps being raised, and solar becoming more accessible to homeowners, companies, and institutions, it is important to take note of those legislators working towards a solar-powered Massachusetts.

This week, we are highlighting the work of Senator Bruce Tarr, who represents the first Essex and Middlesex district. Senator Tarr (R-Gloucester) has been an ardent supporter of solar here in the Commonwealth. He has even committed to participate in one of SEBANE’s Solar Tours, meant to highlight solar in legislators’ districts and bolster their support.

The Senator, born in Gloucester, MA, attended Gloucester public schools and is a graduate of Suffolk University. Being born and raised in Massachusetts, Senator Tarr sees the potential benefits and upsides that come with providing more Massachusetts households with solar energy. As of December 2018, there have been an estimated 77 solar installations and 15MW of solar energy installed in his district alone.

Throughout his career, Senator Tarr has worked tirelessly to ensure a clean, affordable energy future for his constituents and for the Commonwealth as a whole. He supported the Green Communities Act, which expanded energy efficiency programs, renewable energy deployment, and the creation of the Green Communities Program; the Green Jobs Act; the Global Warming Solutions Act; and a number of other bills in support of our clean energy economy.

The 2019 legislative session is no exception. Senator Tarr is supporting S.1995, An Act Providing Solar Energy to State Agencies; S.1940, An Act for Utility Transition to Using Renewable Energy (FUTURE); S.1942, An Act Establishing a Study of Energy Efficient Options for Low Income Households; and S.2005, An Act to Secure a Clean Energy Future, which sets in place a plan to meet Massachusetts’ goal of zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 by prioritizing, among other things, a market-based compliance system, aggressive targets for energy storage deployment, and moratorium on hydraulic fracking.

Senator Tarr speaking at an Environmental Seminar for Policymakers earlier this year.

Senator Tarr speaking at an Environmental Seminar for Policymakers earlier this year.

The tireless efforts of Senator Tarr and his colleagues to ensure that Massachusetts is set on a path towards renewable energy and away from fossil fuels is work that should be recognized, even after his tenure as a Massachusetts state senator.

Speaking on their work together in the Massachusetts Solar and Net Metering Task force, Eric Krathwohl, SEBANE Board Member and the Managing Director of Rich May, said: “In the course of my work on the Massachusetts Solar and Net Metering Task Force, to which I was appointed by Senator Tarr, I worked closely with the Senator. I found him to be very knowledgeable about the solar industry, very interested in supporting an expansion of the solar industry in MA.”

Senator Tarr’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. As a champion for renewable energy and for increased solar energy generation, SEBANE would like to commend Senator Tarr for working to secure a sustainable energy future for the Commonwealth.

Joan Wilson