SEBANE is thrilled to report that our seventh legislative solar tour featured a successful and sunny afternoon with Massachusetts State Representative Dan Cahill (D – Lynn) on September 13, 2019. 

Representative Cahill and Alex Steinbergh

Representative Cahill and Alex Steinbergh

Led by Jon Abe, SEBANE Policy Committee member and CEO of Sunwealth, the tour stopped at several solar installations in Lynn, Massachusetts. Solar installers from SEBANE member companies Sunwealth and Revolusun met with the Representative and his constituents to discuss how solar is benefiting the Commonwealth and how legislators can help the industry overcome some of its current challenges.

Representative Cahill first greeted Alex Steinbergh at the Lydia Pinkham Building in Lynn. Steinbergh is the building owner and a Sunwealth investor who manages the space for dozens of artists. The building is currently powered by a 52 kW SMART-qualified solar project.

Representative Cahill then met with Lynn homeowner Shane Smulyan about his 2016 SunPower installation financed through the Mass Solar Loan Program. In addition, homeowners Bob Mazzone and Virginia Doocy showed off their solar installation originally built in 2013. In 2019, Mazzone and Doocy expanded the installation with new Panasonic panels and two Tesla Powerwalls for storage. Each homeowner shared their stories about going solar with Revolusun.

Luckily, it was a “great day for a solar tour!” said Brian Sadler, SEBANE Director and Vice President of Business and Project Development for Revolusun Massachusetts. “Rep Cahill was gracious with his time, inquisitive, and is certainly an advocate for us.”

SEBANE thanks Representative Cahill and his staff for working with us on this installment of the SEBANE Solar Tours Initiative. SEBANE’s goal is to meet legislators in their districts, share the benefits of solar to their local communities, and tell the stories of solar installers and customers. Our work would not be possible without legislators who are dedicated to and informed about the role solar plays in our local economy, energy system, and environment.

This tour is part of a continuing series across Massachusetts in both the State Senate and House of Representatives.




Joan Wilson